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"If life wasn't unexpected, I wouldn't kimaginefuture."

Design is relevant in every subject. Not only is the objective of designing a way to build attractive form or to come up with a brilliant way to function, but also it has to make sense under specific purpose. Design is related to art, science, technology, and engineering. However, it covers more than just that; it involves culture, politics, sociology, and trend as well. As a car designer, I am continually studying the philosophy behind design to come up with innovative and artistic ways to solve the fundamental issues in every design. I believe design is philosophy. 


I was born in South Korea. My father was an engineer for Hyundai and my mother studied Oriental Art at Ihwa Woman University. Growing up with my parents’ influences, I got interested in both automobiles and art at a very young age. I set a dream to become a car designer, and since then I have only pursued that dream to become a car designer. I entered my first competition held by Motor Trend when I was 16, and received recognition by being a finalist for ‘Designer under age 18’ category of the competition.

Currently, I have graduated from Art Center College of Design as Transportation design with Bachelors in science. I am the founder of Kimaginefuture Design Studio along with Kimaginefuture Design Education. I have worked with many companies, from start-up companies to big corporation companies to consulting (Leading Project, Offering Design Proposals, Branding and Ideation) many different kinds of Transportation Design Projects. Also I am involved with many education program such as substitute Design instructor at Art Center College of Design, to doing multiple private class session with individual design students. Mainly my motives are around California area, but I am available to work globally. Also I am an Instructor in Art Center College of Design to create my legacy behind.

- Chief Executive Officer Thomas Y. Kim


"Creativity is manifested when embracing both the joy of creating with the pain of the process."


I personally believe there are three main factors that will have a huge impact on transportation as we know it. First, the transition from gasoline to electric powertrains allows for new packaging layouts. Second, people's lifestyles are becoming more divided and personalized asking for smaller vehicles. Third, autonomous technology will divide the transportation grid between controllable and uncontrollable vehicles. With these changes, as a transportation designer, I have focused on the more personal side of mobility which I believe will relieve congestion in developed nations and bring affordable solutions to developing countries. 


- Creative Director Sam S. Lee