"We experience, we share"


As the generation trending shift fast, it is necessary for our team to keep up the pace of social trending so we can foresight our future with precise analysis. Knowing that Kimaginefuture LLC encourages our team and community to always be active in our industry scenes, share what we have acknowledged.



kimaginerides is created by CEO Thomas Y. Kim, to share the lifestyle of the riding, and driving and beyond for the product and design the team is developing. It is essentially a way to communicate with the mainstream society, understanding what they enjoy, need, and mostly looking for. Media that we use as the main source of communications are Youtube and Instagram. It is mainly focused on the experience of riding (cars, motorcycles, longboards, scooters etc) and daily Vlog around the area.

events and shows attendance.


Kimaginefuture LLC. is heavily involved with local/global events such as Motor-shows, CES, SEMA, Motorcycle shows, Cars & Coffee, Local car shows, Pebble beaches, and etc. Culture is the study we experience to develop our next step with a meaningful vision.