"Imagine it's own future."

Our team provides best industrial design service to major companies globally. We cover 2D design such as packaging to automotive design and architecture with the best crew member from around the world.

- CEO Thomas Y. Kim

creative service.


Catagories of design industry that Kimaginefuture LLC provides service to :












about us.

Kimaginefuture LLC is a company creating innovative community to work together with different clients to provide creative service. Founder of the company, Thomas Y. Kim, was raised in California, graduated from Art Center College of Design, believes the creativity happens when talented people humbly come together to cooperate together. Kimaginefuture LLC represent creative hub, many talent people burn their passion to create future every moment.

Creative service is our passion and vision, to share our talent and skill to many companies and individual in need of creativity to market research, and need of establishment of future direction in the company. 

Creative community is from the belief of Kimaginefuture that the most valuable creativity comes from collaboration with people. To create the collaborating environment, we must build this community together with the talented individual to firms globally.

Creative cuture is what Kimaginefuture embrace and understand that it is important factor. Using social media to interact with many people globally to research and develop the future product.

global relationship

Kimaginefuture LLC. has relationship with global companies around the world, providing design development in many different field such as industrial design to automotive design and robotics design.


creative service.


With our high-quality brain power, Kimaginefuture LLC provides the best strategy for the future vision of the company and beyond. We create the possibility for companies an opportunity for the individual.

creative community.

Kimaginefuture LLC is looking out for the best talents in the area to support their careers. Kimaginefuture LLC believes that creating a community of innovative people who can bring their capabilities together to collaborate for bigger achievement is very important for society.


creative culture.


Interacting with society, we figure out the next step in any business in the creative direction to provide the most valuable solution.



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